Rethinking Foreign Language Instruction Through the Use of Technology

I. Getting Started

Please take a moment and visit the RIA home page (RIA Home Page ) - ♦♦HINT Right click and open Link in a New Tab or New Window♦♦. You will need to create an account using an email address that you can access NOW. You will need to check your email to verify your account creation.

Once you have created and logged into your account. Please take time to make sure your headset is working properly. It should be as easy as plugging it into the USB port.

Once you have done that, please use the following Audio Dropbox to record a brief introduction of yourself (Name, school and what you teach is sufficient). Please submit by clicking the green check mark once you are satisfied with your recording.

II. Problems and how RIA can help

Since our time is short today, we will be focusing on Audio Dropboxes and Mashup. However there are other RIAs available. The following link is on the RIA site, but I put it here for quick access to what RIA are available and a brief overview of what they look like.
Sample Materials and Overview of Applications

III. Audio Dropboxes

  1. Using an Audio Dropbox, you can easily collect student recordings and listen to them at your convenience.
  2. A dropbox can be placed in any web page, blog, wiki, or in a CMS like Moodle, just as I did above for this Wiki.
  3. Students just click and record. The system saves and uploads their recordings automatically.
  4. No matter where you put a dropbox, the recordings are automatically sent to your account. They also do NOT require any storage space on your school computer/servers.
  5. You can listen to recordings online, or download them in MP3 format for mobile listening or other purposes.

IV. Creating a Dropbox

We will be doing this together. However, the RIA website has excellent step-by-stop documentation if you get stuck once you are on your own. Here is a link to the documentation on Dropboxes.

V. Mashups

A Mashup is a combination of data or media resources from multiple web servers onto a single web page.
  1. You can use video, pictures, audio files, Audio Dropboxes, and your own text to create simple Web pages that meet your pedagogical needs.
  2. DEMO – Spanish 2 1B Oral.
Again, we will be creating a simple mashup together, but here a link to the documentation.

Since your time is limited. I have added some possible websites with material needed to create a sample Mashups. If you have somethings else in mind, feel free to use it.


funny spanish love song -
Spanish Coke Commerical -
French Delta Airlines Commercial -
Funny German/English commercial -
Student cooking demonstration (French)
Simple Spanish Colors


Mexican Flag
French Flag
Spanish flag
Central American Map
Map of France
Google Images link (just search for anything you need)

VI. Sharing about possible uses in your classrooms.

Where can this technology take your classes?
How can you use this technology do things you already do in a more engaging manner?
How can your students use this technology to create their own exciting content?
Where do you go from here?

VII. Links to other resources for Lenawee County Foreign Language teachers - This Wiki space has been created for sharing ideas among all county WL teachers.