scratch.jpg Scratch: Free software for creation of animations and interactive media

Participants of this session will receive an introduction to free software from MIT called Scratch. Scratch allows students to create computer-based animated projects by employing multimedia and simple programming. Hear an overview of the application, see completed student projects, brainstorm ideas for integration into content areas and enjoy some hands-on time!

A. Presentation
B. Multimedia project resources

C. Brainstorm of ideas for integration
  • Sprites talk about what the class is learning (new terms, processes, etc).
  • Dialogue in French, Spanish,etc.
  • Book talks - characters of books could be put into a game.
  • In art class, students could reflect on their work. Could describe different elements of the art. Digital portfolio.

D. Misc. Video about the Scratch user interface created by a student "Adobenicnac"