Websites to Get You Started

Jill Brandeberry: Erin Klein:

Website Creator: Weebly website (free) website free through LISD

Example teacher websites: Erin Klein's website (literacy based) Jill Brandeberry website (Social Studies)

On-line games: all subject area games lessons, games and tutorials based on standards

Teacher Curriculum Resources: - generates math assess. MI GLCEs
MDE - Michigan Department of Education - Michigan Curriculum - social studies lessons - current events articles - this date in American History - pre-made powerpoints - maps ready to go worksheets for math/language arts


Upload pictures:

- Videos all subjects school house rock to footage of famous speeches
- Videos all topics and lessons
- Students and teachers share videos

Language Arts: interactive spelling and vocabulary games middle school and high school writing models on-line interactive story books read by celebrities graphic organizers and teacher resources word art picture art

Science: National Geographic (games, videos, more) Streaming videos and lessons power points, quizzes and videos

Social Studies: Government for all grades Geography games for one or more players Units and lessons based on MI GLCEs

Mathematics: power points, quizzes and videos builds assessments based on MI Benchmarks various math concept games and tutorials interactive lessons, practice with feedback (by grade level)