Get Started Using NetTrekker to Access the Internet

Classroom 180 LISD TECH Center
Session I 9:55-10:45 a.m.August 27, 2009

netTrekker d.i. is an educational search engine that links to over 180,000 teacher reviewed and selected safe web resources. These resources are aligned to the Michigan Curriculum Framework, accessible by readability level, and can be read-aloud. This collection of resources, available at school and home, includes 4000 multimedia modules and more than 90,000 images. There are unique passcodes for each Lenawee building, so check with your media center staff for your access.

The Login page can be found at
The Help Menu can be found at
The Quick Reference Guide is a good place to start, then view the Atomic Learning Tutorials.
If you have any questions, contact Lisa Marlatt at or 517-265-1693.