Teaching with Technology "It's not about technology...it's about learning!"

Amanda Spohn
Third Grade
Onsted Elementary
Email: amandas@wildcat.onsted.k12.mi.us

Lisa Overton
Third Grade
Michener Elementary, Adrian
Email: loverton@adrian.k12.mi.us
Wiki Site

Class Blog

We will be discussing ideas that have worked for us in our classrooms. We will show you how to share student learning within the classroom and beyond. You may even find ways to use these tools in your personal lives.

· Flip Video Camera (www.flipvideo.com)
· In the Classroom: Geometry & Animal Adaptations
· Extending to the Community: PTO Thank You_0002.wmv

Digital Storytelling:
· Photo Story & Windows Movie Maker (Attempt for my family)
· In the Classroom: Personal Narratives: Julee_1.wmv & Sad and Worried Personal Narratives.wmv,
Informational Narrative- Animal Research


Get a Voki now!

"What could have been"

· Extending to the Community: Kiwanis Thank You.wmv & Natural History Museum Trip Curtis Video_1.wmv

Blogs vs. Wikis:
· Teacher Blogand School Blog, Class Blog – Chronological/Linear
· Wiki – Collaborative/Organic

Screencasts can be created and used by both students and teachers to:
· Help others with navigation through sites: Study Island Example
· Present at Staff Meetings
· Demonstrate use of programs: Microsoft Word Example (Improve Fluency!)
· Demonstrate understanding of concepts such as solving math problems (Interwrite Pad)
· www.jing.com: Use to record screencasts. There are other programs such as Cam Studio.
· www.screencast.com: Save your screencasts here after creating them in Jing. This makes life a lot easier!!

Other Links Worth Visiting:
http://lisd23things.blogspot.com/: 23 Things-Take this class through the LISD or just go there and snoop around. There are some great ideas and resources!!
www.teachertube.com: Teacher created videos for use in the classroom
www.schooltube.com: An easy way to upload videos (usually not blocked!)
www.flickr.com: Great site to find photos for teaching but be careful with student use of this site.
www.blogspot.com: A great place for starting a blog.
www.voki.com A simple way to record, with cute animal characters!

www.animoto.com Easy and eye-catching picture videos with music.
www.voicethread.com A collaborative way to share and learn.
www.rockyou.com Easy picture slideshows- lots of different styles.